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OPZV Series

Tubular Gel Batteries

Product features:

● Unique integrated valve design, effectively prevent water loss, prolong battery life;
● ABS engineering plastic shell, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, impact resistance, high mechanical strength;
● Tubular structure of the positive plate, prevent the active substance from escaping, skeleton corrosion resistance, long service life;
● PVC-sio2 separator, small aperture and uniform distribution, low resistance, high insulation;
● Design floating charging life, more than 20 years;
● Good sealing performance, no gas penetration, no pollution to the environment, belongs to environmental protection products;

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Product advantages:
● Deep cycle discharge does not damage, 70%DOD can reach 4000 times;
● The grid adopts special six-element alloy to increase corrosion resistance;
● And paste using low density sulfuric acid, and add 4BS seeds, increase battery life;
● Fast charging within three hours, fully charged in 6.5 hours;
● Service life is 3~4 times of ordinary lead-acid battery, greatly reduce environmental pollution;
Application areas:
● Transportation: hybrid electric vehicle, low speed short distance pure electric vehicle, vehicle low temperature start, golf cart, patrol car. Electric boat;
● New energy: energy storage for solar power generation, wind power generation, ocean (tidal) and other fields;
● Smart grid: intelligent micro-grid for power generation and energy storage, automatic energy storage for peak-to-trough storage, distributed power generation and energy storage;
● Military applications: vehicle hybrid electric transmission system, laser weapons, combat tank start-up, military communication vehicles, ships;

Model Nominal Voltage(V) Capacity(Ah) Weight(kg) Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Terminal
OPZV80-12 12 80 28.8 331 176 240 M8
OPZV100-12 12 100 38.5 483 170 240 M8
OPZV150-12 12 150 49 530 209 222 M8
OPZV200-12 12 200 68.2 522 268 228 M8
2 600 46 145 206 678 M8
2 800 61 191 210 678 M8
2 1000 77 233 210 678 M8

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