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GFMH Series

High temperature battery

Product features:

● GFMH series battery has a wide temperature range and outstanding high temperature performance. It can be used in the range of -25℃~+75℃. The battery can be used in the range of 15~40℃ for a long time.
● Corrosion resistant grid, and in the negative plate to add special high temperature additives, greatly increase the life of the battery, 35℃ temperature, design float charge life up to 10 years.
● Radiation grid structure, battery charging capacity is stronger, high current discharge capacity is excellent.
● ABS engineering plastic shell, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, strong earthquake resistance, not easy to deformation.
● The use of improved ultrafine glass fiber separator, excellent resilience, low internal resistance, high porosity, gas recombination rate of 99%.
● Using CW-M-109 sealant, viscosity is very strong, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and high toughness.
● Safety valve for improved plastic cap, high accuracy of exhaust pressure, limited to prevent battery bulge or water loss.

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Product advantage:

● The shell is made of PC+ABS synthetic resin, with the highest temperature resistance of 105℃;

● Grid adopts high tin low calcium alloy grid to increase corrosion resistance;
● And paste using low density sulfuric acid, and add 4BS seeds, increase battery life;
● The separator adopts high temperature separator to prevent the aperture from changing at high temperature;

● Increase the battery electrolyte storage, supplement the high temperature battery during the use of water loss.

Application areas:
High temperature environment, base station in perennial high temperature environment,

Areas with average temperature of 30 ℃ and above,

Base station in remote unmanned area;

Solar and wind energy storage system.

Model Nominal Voltage(V) Capacity(Ah) Weight(kg) Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Terminal
GFMH100-12 12 100 31 395 110 286 M6
12 150 48 550 111 314 M6
12 200 58 560 125 317 M8


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