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GFMZ Series

Lead acid battery in front terminal

Technical parameters:

Rated voltage: 12V

Rated capacity: 100Ah to 3000Ah
The maximum discharge current: 30 | 10 A (3 min)
Maximum charging current: ≤0.25C10
Self-discharge: <3% per month
Operating temperature range: -20℃~45℃
Floating charging voltage: 2.23V~2.25V
Floating charge temperature compensation: -3mV/Cell ° C
Average charging voltage: 2.35V~2.4V
Equalized charging temperature compensation: -4mV/Cell ° C
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Product features:
● Unique design, life up to 10 years;
● High standard integral valve, avoid battery water loss and bulge and other phenomena;
Ultrafine glass fiber, gas compounding rate ≥99%;
● Maximum discharge current > 30|10;
● Excellent deep discharge recovery ability;
● Shell adopts ABS engineering plastic, impact resistance, corrosion resistance;
● FMXZ battery using patented electrolyte, low temperature performance is excellent.
Application areas:
Communication system is equipped with power supply, large equipment is equipped with power supply and DC power supply, photovoltaic, wind energy and other renewable energy storage batteries,

High power UPS, oil, coal mine system with power supply, uninterrupted power supply.

Model Nominal Voltage(V) Capacity(Ah) Weight(kg) Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Terminal
GFMZ 100-12
12 100 31.3 395 110 286 M6
GFMZ 150-12
12 150 48 549 111 314 M6
GFMZ 200-12
12 200 58 558 125 317 M8

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