LPBC Series



The new battery version with lead-carbon technology that is lead-carbon battery, and it is incorporated in the negative electrode lead with activated carbon, carbon fiber or carbon nanotube airgel.  It improves the utilization of the active lead material. And it can inhibit the expansion to crystallization of lead sulfate. The principle is similar to super battery that is another version of super battery.




●Special high carbon content is sued in positive and negative lead paste formula materials, it reduces sulfation with good low-temperature discharge performance and extend cycle life.

Positive and negative plates gate is designed by new materials and structure with strong corrosion resistance and low resistance contact with the active material, and it has got good deep discharge performance, charge acceptance ability and fast charging capability.

Maintenance-free. And there is not acid mist escaping during use without water adding.

Excellent large current discharge performance and perfect low-temperature discharge performance;

By increasing the composite plastic housing, the battery can operate at high ambient; It is used he composite plastic cover, and the battery can work in the extreme environment.



Transportation: E.g.
Hybrid vehicles, low-speed short-distance electric car, automobile cold start, golf carts, patrol car, electric boats, etc. 

New energy:
Solar-energy storage, wind power, ocean (tidal);

Smart Grid: Smart micro-grid energy storage, load shifting and valley filling automatic storage, distributed generation energy storage;

Military application: Chariot hybrid electric drive systems, laser weapons, battle tanks start, military communications vehicles and vessels;


Implemented standards

● GB/T 22473-2008,● GB/T 19638.2-2005,● YD/T799-2002,● YD/T2657-2013,● IEC61427-2005

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