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 GFMH Series

GFMH series of batteries wide temperature range, outstanding high temperature performance, can be used in the range of -25 ℃ ~ + 75 ℃, the battery can be long-term use in a range of 15 ~ 40 ℃.

● plate grid corrosion, high temperature and adding special additives in the negative plate, greatly increasing the battery life at a temperature of 35 ℃, float design life of 10 years.
● radiation plate gate structure, the battery charge acceptance stronger, high-current discharge capacity for excellence.
● ABS plastic shell, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, shock resistance, not deformed.
● modified ultra-fine glass fiber separator, excellent resilience, low internal resistance, high porosity, gas recombination rate of 99%.
● using CW-M-109 sealant viscosity particularly strong, anti-aging, corrosion resistance and high toughness.
● improved safety valve for the plastic cap, exhaust pressure is high precision, limited battery bulge or prevent dehydration.




1. The high-temperature environments, high temperature environments perennial the base station,

2. The area temperature at 30 ℃ and above areas,

3.  unmanned base station ,

4. solar energy, wind energy storage systems.


Product advantages
● shell is made of PC + ABS synthetic resin material, the maximum temperature 105 ℃;
● grid with high calcium tin alloy grid, increase corrosion resistance;
● When the cream and low density of sulfuric acid, and add 4BS seeds, increased battery life;
● high temperature separator separator aperture to prevent changes occur at high temperatures;
●Increase battery electrolyte reserves, supplementary battery temperature during the loss of water

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