About  VRLA  battery (AGM&GEL)

Main Applications

electric power system

security system

medical equipment

marine system

Telephone and telecommunication equipment

Variety of test machines

Radio transmitter and receiver

Uninterruptible power supply system for bank

Railway engine and railway communication

Emergency lighting or small lamp fitting

Big capacity UPS or computer backup power supply

Fire protection and security uninterruptible power supply

Electronic appliance and other backup power supply

Solar-Energy Photovol Lighting System

Installation,Operation And Maintenance


1.Only the batteries or batteries groups with the same actual capacity can be connected in series.

2.Only the batteries or batteries groups with the same actual voltage can be connected in parallel.

3.The connection parts should be tightful to protect against sparks.

4.Positive and negative pole shouldn’t be inverted or shorted in connection.



The key to obtaining maximum life from a VRLA battery is optimum charging.

For every ampere-hour discharged from a battery,a supplement between 1.10 and 1.20 ampere-hours must be supplied to ensure a complete $ adequate recharge.Broadly speaking,a VRL battery may be recharged using constant voltage(CV)charging,or constant current(CC)charging or a modification of either or both of these.”CC charging” must be exercised with extreme care and greater potential for overcharge than “CV charging”.



The battery should be storaged temperature,dry,air and clean environment.Keep it after full charge and recharge it per 3-6 months.


1、Oliter series batteries have acid in the cases and fully charged and fully charged before leaving factory. Do not try disassembling the battery and hurt.If the case breaks and someone is hurt,wash the wound directly with large volume fresh water and go to see doctor if necessary.

2、Do not use old and new battery together.Do not use the battery in sealed container.

3、Each battery should have detailed records including the factory-leaving date,install date and using record.

4、Check the connection of wire in a fixed interval(once a year).If there is any looseness, closely connect the wire directly.

5、Wipe the surface of the battery with soft cloth in a fixed interval(once three months)and always keep the battery clean.

6、Never clean the surface of the battery with organic chemical wash liquid.








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